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I have seen a previous post with a simular problem,... not it. I have a sound blaster live and an ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro - trying to make SVCD's. The second I hit record in Ulead 4.0 or in the ATI TV recorder composite in, the audio quits. In TV recording, it's OK. I have checked all settings, volumes, etc. I am using Windows 2000. Is that my problem?? What if I change back to an AWE64 Gold?? I want to avoid dumping 2000. If it is ATI's software, is there any freeware out there to record/edit MPEG-2 SVCD on Win2000, then dump it to TMPEGenc? Thanks! Kevin

-- Kevin Music (kpkeh@webzone.net), February 27, 2001


Hey kevin i own the ati radeon card (using windows 98 2nd edition) and i cant get the damn thing to pick up any sound at all. Plays stuff great, especially output to my tv (main reason for buying it). i tried their troubleshooting info with still no luck at all

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), March 01, 2001.

I bought a Pinnacle Studio VCD.Can only record the video..no sound.Check my sound card setting and all other connection..look okay.Can anyone help ? Do i need to internally connect the sound card to the video card ?

Anyway,Pinnacle customer service suck BIG time.

-- Lee David Ah Kway (leedavidwen@hotmail.com), March 05, 2001.

Kevin: I have an AIW Radeon (Win98SE) and had the same problem as you: Audio/Video record OK from TV but only Video from SVHS/Composite. I found that I had to send the Audio from my camcorder to the "Line-In" of my SB PCI128. Also had to make sure recording from the Aux input was enabled. Ken

-- Ken Lew (lew_ken@hotmail.com), March 05, 2001.

I also have a sound blaster live and ATI all-in wonder card, same thing is happenning to me, video only and no sound. I'm using virtual dub to capture the video from composite input. What i found out is that after selecting to capture you have to select the source again even if is already selected (go to source and then clicking composite again) then you can hear that the sound will come out. Hope this helps you.

-- Reb Cainag (cainag@hotmail.com), March 20, 2001.

i also this problem with awe64 an aiwpro32mb agp, one work around is after i press record, i switch input to TV, then back to video

the 2nd fix was to reinstall windows 2000, download latest driver, directx8a, and some directx for video, check out the microsoft web site, and it fixes the problem

i also use flaskmpeg & virtual dub ^_^

-- Michael Permana (michaelp@cs.utexas.edu), June 04, 2001.

Pls get rid of any ATI products, I am 100%sure it will trouble ur system one or another way... Sometimes with your scanner, videocamera etc.. ALL_IN_WONDER PRO 32MB is royaly screwing me for past 3 months . I lost my money ($199) and time.. Simply ATI products will not work... Try to contact them, then U will really understand how they are screwing u...

-- Aji Paul (ajipaul@yahoo.com), June 18, 2001.

I've got a problem with the sound from the TV tuner is distorted and the volume fluctuates, i am running XP and have tried the MS driver for XP & the ATI 6.xx driver for XP and still the same. the sound cards i have tried are SB live. Via builtin sound card and SB PCI 128. have tried all the input combinations, line in, aux in, CD in etc... but still no joy. is this a known problem with 128 PRO. i have also messed around with sound levels as suggested on ATI's site. the card is good but when it goes wrong ATI's Support is shite. help please

-- Fuzzy Logic (fuzzy.logic@NOSPAMdvdbuster.co.uk), March 24, 2003.

not positive if this will fix your problems. here's what was going on with my customer's unit.

i had recently changed out the motherboard and the on-board sound does not have a line in connector on the motherboard. i connected the AIW audio connector the aux input.

the problem the customer had was that all his video playback worked fine but the audio was not there. from a bunch of checking and some luck i found that as soon as i open the ATI TV program(to capture video) the recording selection in the recording properties automatically switched itself back to Line-In. At that point i manually changed it back to AUX(ATI PROGRAM HAS TO BE ON AND RUNNING) and recorded the video as usual. This fixed my customer's problem. ATI needs to add a audio input selector in their settings.

-- Frank (fkim182@yahoo.com), November 08, 2003.

I found that removing the input adapter thingy solved the problem I had with fluctuating distorted audio.

-- andy p ('foo@bar.com'), March 01, 2004.

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