Hey Applicants! How ya holding up?

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Are you jumping at your mouse every time you hear "You've got mail?"

Are you checking your phone for a dial tone?

Are you peeking at all the web sites for the latest information?

Are you building miniature crane out of your mash potatoes and green beans?

Are you sneaking out at night to get in extra welding practice?

Are your non-JYW friends ducking you in the hall?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions...GOOD! Now I know I'm not a freak!

-- Dan Denney (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), February 27, 2001


I answered yes to all. I'm WARPED.

-- JR (Jrauw47@aol.com), February 27, 2001.

Sorry to be the first one to burst your bubble Dan. But we're all FREAKS ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG.Pinkyandthebrainpinkyandthebrainoneofthemiscrazyandth eothersinsane...........NARF........

-- Craig Wardle (conjuringcanucks@execulink.com), February 27, 2001.

A telemarketer called me and I was actually nice to her thinking it was JYW. The suspense is awesome.

-- Chris Phifer (cphifer@infoave.net), February 27, 2001.

Now that is sick...........

-- Craig Wardle (conjuringcanucks@execulink.com), February 27, 2001.

Cell Phone, Pager, Palm Pilot with modem, and 2 e-mail accounts just waiting for the call.

John Conley Team Captain The Wrecking Crew

-- John Conley (Jconley@austin.rr.com), February 27, 2001.

How do you not think about it? I'll have to tell you, I think about it every day because of the type of work I do.I call it modern alchemy because I turn sh*t into gold.Yesterday I did cylinder heads,today I did port and polish,tomorrow is collect money day after I scrape all the black crap off from polishing aluminum heads.This weekend is a floor job in a customer car,Thursday is hunt the floor section day out at a friends yard.The only question in my mind is when do I get to work on my own toys? Either way it goes for me,I still root in the swill everyday on one machine or another.But I'll tell you what is sick.....I installed one of my computers in the machine shop so I don't have to walk twenty paces into the house to get on......now I can surf all the applicants sites and keep myself updated (and read the next page of Dan's great story) while I wear my nitrile smurf hands and run the head mill.I just wonder how long the computer is going to last in the machine shop with all of the dirt and goo........

-- Matthew Kenney (abbynrml@tcsn.net), February 27, 2001.

So far we seem to be holding up fairly well. None of us have snapped and started making parachutes out of common household items and jumping off of buildings to see if they work. I'm keeping myself busy messing with our website, the other two seem to either be in a coma or sleeping, I dare not get to close in case they wake up in some sort of a junk-deprivation induced frenzy.

-- Anthony Stegall (anthony@drats.com), February 27, 2001.

I have to tell you, I'm the spouse, and I'M not holding up well----- the suspense is KILLING me!! I feel like the ultimate stage mom-- the guys are really into it, but they let me stress about it!! I'm totally excited by the prospect of them being on JYW's. I just have to say, that this is my hubby's life-calling, I mean, I've been living with all this junk for years (13, to be exact--and before that he put things in my mother's yard that his parents would never let him have)He just got a new computer tonite, and he's like a kid with a new toy--this thing is like all the cars he's ever had (that he was passionate about)they have WAY too much of everything to be reasonable!! He says that computer has 1 gig, dual 800mhz processors......I have no idea. Now he's off on the computer animation obsession(how long will this last??)......He does finish things now--which is good, but like so many junk purveyors I know-- that FINISHING the projects comes hard!! Anyway, good luck to all the hopefuls---may the Junkyard Gods look down fondly upon you!! Meanwhile, I'll just keep stressing.....

Carrie wife of 1/3 of the Franken-Friends "if we can't fix it, it must be dead!"

-- Carrie Stamper (stamps@telebyte.net), February 28, 2001.

http://www.geocities.com/supercal_61/index.html ok we are the northern stars and we have our vidio up check it out yea we are chomping the bit as well let me know what you think we tryed to be different

-- cal barnes (mr.chev@home.com), February 28, 2001.

From 'The 3rd Wits', Waiting sucks! Oops, lemme rephrase that, 'Waiting pulls a vacuum!'

-- Ken Sklorenko (tamba12@hotmail.com), February 28, 2001.

i'm ducking my non JYW friends.and yes many of my ideas do begin creation in my mashed potatos & corn. we have cut and rebiult some thing or another with every available peice of scrap in the shop. cant wait to work on more customers cars today(ONLY BECAUSE I NEED THERE OLD PARTS TO BUILD MORE CRAP) ha ha. any how we ansered YES to all the questions,how ever we enjoy knowing were warped and deranged.gotta go,hello and good luck to all the junkheads out ther. CASEY,JACK & SHANNON (THE TEST TANK BABIES) see ya in the junk yard.

-- casey,(the test tank babies) (finishrad@aol.com), February 28, 2001.

I work with my teammates and if the one asks me if I have heard anything yet?, or what kind of chance do you think we have we may be a two man team!(if you know what I mean! ust kidding). The suspense and waiting is absolutely killing me. Good luck to all junkheads from The Men of Steel!.

-- Todd Gibson (tgibson@ecsis.net), February 28, 2001.

RDF evil, evil, bad, bad...

Make us wait...Make us worry...

Make us tear apart blenders to explain to wife where check number 1379 went. Make our kids science teachers run the other way as we pick up our kids with a DC wired strainer on our heads...

Bad, bad, evil, evil...

-- Dan Denney - Team Captain (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), February 28, 2001.

OK, as if you can't tell on our website, I'm spending my copious free time working on the website. That way Brunella doesn't have to tie me to a hand truck and muzzle me like Hannibal Lector. Lyn is just Lyn. I know he is just as wound up as the rest of us, but he is trying so hard to stay the level headed one. Frank is having "lunch" with Brandi all the time (he's always coming back hungry, don't know exactly what that means. . .)so I think he found a woy to deal with the tension! ;-)

The hardest part is now the family want to know if we've made it. They spend just as much time on the discussion boards as I do. Mary Ellen can't post because of the screwed up system on her computer at work. Brunella doesn't want to butt in, and Brandi's having "lunch".

It's amazing how well we're all getting along. I feel like I've known Jay, Waddy, and Danny forever. I'm meeting new friends everyday. By the time we get to California, it'll be like a family reunion!

Thanks for the kind words guys! Maybe we should all get together and chat later this week or something. You'll decide and let me know. Yahoo! would most likely be the easiest since almost any computer can run the JAVA chat.

BROADCAST JUNKIES WEBSITE http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/broadcastjunkies

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (joeyinalexandria@hotmail.com), February 28, 2001.

Let's HOPE it's a family reunion...There are a lot of sharp people out there!

If one of us makes it, it will just be cool to say..."I know him!"

Now you made me add to OUR site again!

-- Dan Denney (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), February 28, 2001.

My team mates and I can answer yes to all of that. the first thing on tuesday we do is discuss the show and how we could have done it better.We are all mechanics and work together. if we get selected we are shutting down the shop so we can be on the show and kick ass. we feel sorry for the team that we would compet against cause they are gonna lose. so our condolences in advance. LOL Jack "hammer" Kelly team captain Mad Mech's

-- Jack Kelly (phreeze_99@yahoo.com), March 02, 2001.

Oh Jack...too much confidence...This reminds me of the story of the old bull and young bull...run on down to the herd youngin'***lol***

-- Dan Denney (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), March 03, 2001.

I have to add that my wife is very worried about how I would react if the team doesn't get on the show. My answer is such: If we get selected, I need to get a new MIG to practice - so rusty If we are passed over, I need a new MIG to help deal with the depression. Either way, here it comes!! :)

To the questions, of course they are all yes.


-- Joe Frasca - D.I.Y Dogs (josephfrasca@maximus.com), March 04, 2001.

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