E-bay sale; Used lens paper once used to clean expensive Konica lenses!

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Possible Headlines 'Konica lenses hold value as stock market plumets' or 'How I traded my four Konica Ft-1's cameras for a new Lincoln' All kidding aside, given the prices on E-bay, there is probably no other 'investment' that has held it's value so well... and I get to have fun while using them too!. The prices for these things are going wild. What do you think Mike, want to corner the market? Bill

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001


Used Lens Paper

You'd probably get some takers, as long as the Reserve isn't too high, or if you have a "Buy Now" option!

-- tm

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001

WHINE,... WHINE. Sell NO WHINE before it's TIME!

If several fellows would "exercise" that "buy it now" instead of making that dreadfull WHINE,...say, the 21mm f4 that is available on the dreaded eBay this morn', then thou shall enjoy the spoils that still exist.

Shame. Could be sold for MORE! But, not to certain people.

Untill we meet again,


They seek Him here...They seek Him there, Those FRENCHYs seek him everywhere, Is he from Heaven?, or is he from Hell?, Damned elusive Pimpernel.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001

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