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I would like to see a machine made that can whip cream, either water or airpower driven.

-- Kathleen M Weiss (, February 27, 2001


I personally liked the episode that the teams had to grind coffee beans with wind-power. That was one show that I could totally relate to! I am SUCH an addict.....we live in a rural area and we occasionally lose power in the winter time. I have been reduced to crushing the whole-beans by hand, heating the water on the wood- burning stove, and acting as my own Mr. Coffee......(my hubby never missing the opportunity to point out that addiction is a sad state!) Thinking about it, whipped cream would be mighty nice on that coffee. Maybe have a contest on who can make the best tasting cup of coffee using only a rock, water, fire, beans, paper towels (how many of us have been reduced to those when we find out in the morning that there are no filters in the cupboard!) and a 50 gallon metal drum.....Starbucks, betta watch out!!

-- carrie stamper (, February 27, 2001.

Extra points for expresso or Latte?

If a machine can make whipped cream, we can go on to make butter, knead dough...the end of the episode has the teams laying out a 4 course meal to George and experts would be grill cooks, and the special judge would be Martha Sterwart...think of the tie ins with the Food Network.

We can go to rather bizzare (and funny) extreems with this!

-- Arthur Majoor (, February 28, 2001.

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