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I just missed the application deadline for the 2001 season (by 11 days!!), but I am wondering if you will always take applications before each season and if the show is always filmed in the US.

-- Lauren Eshenbaugh (, February 27, 2001


Yup, its right that this is the first series to be filmed in the US, and before it was always fimed in the UK.

I am not sure at the moment when exactly we will be looking for applications again, but I have set up a mailing list. If you send a mail to JunkyardWars2001-, then we will send you a mail as soon as we are looking for the new generation of Junkyard Warriors. (If you have any problems getting onto the mailing list, please send me an email. I changed from the SPAM one I used last year 'cos lots of people seemed to have problems with that one)

-- Andy Bell (, February 28, 2001.

I should leave this one to Andy or Jackie, but let me try. . .This is the first year thet JYW will be taped in the US. Everything before now has been done in London (In a junkyard on the outskirts if I remember what DP said on an earlier post) and this last set of shows was the first with all American teams. It's actually two different shows now. . .Scrapheap Challenge(UK), and Junkyard Wars (US). Suggest you check out DP's site (The N.E.R.D.S) or Andy's FAQ on the site.


-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, February 27, 2001.

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