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I noticed that my TC (purchased in Summer 1977) says "KONICA" on it, while most TC's I've seen say "Konica" on the front of the Pentaprism housing.

Anyone have knowledge as to when this occurred (other than, Duh, after Summer 1977)? Same goes with many lens caps I've seen...


-- tm

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001



Hi Tom... you are way too observant!

Now you've got me curious... I'll have to check my TCs when I get home. I know there are some other differences over the model line, mostly cosmetic stuff. There was a chrome trim strip where the front of the top cover meets the leatherette on the earlier ones. Also, the earlier one had a little piece of leatherette covering the screws on the door latch, later ones just had a molded plastic piece. I have one of each of these.

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001

Mine says KONICA


My TC is of the KONICA persuasion. I just dug out the original invoice for it. 12th September 1977. BTW, the body cost $139.50 from Garden Camera.


-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001


Hah! Mind if I ask why you are hanging on to that 1977 invoice? Thinking you may still need it for warranty work?

Just kidding! I save everything, too. And it can be really interesting ... for example I still have the invoice from 1959 when my dad bought his Leica IIIg, with a 5cm f1.5 lens, for $149! If you're interested, there's a picture at (rest of the site is perpetually under construction, am now working on adding some scans of recent work in the new gallery sections, but feel free to look around).

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001

Invoice Retention


Good question! I figured somebody would ask why I am so anal-retentive! 30 years ago, when I bought my first Konica, I put all the paperwork, brochures, etc in a file for "reference" So it bacame habit, adding over the years. Some of the old stuff is pretty interesting now. I display some of the brochures on my "collection" shelf.


-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001

Konica vs. KONICA

The "Konica" logo was introduced with the Konica T4,which came out in 1978.All subsequent models bear the new style "Konica".It's possible,nay probable,that TCs produced after the T4 introduction also had the new style logo.All the front lens caps that I got with my Hexanon lenses also have the new style,except one-a flimsy plastic push on one that had the old style.Of course that doesn't mean anything as they could have been switched "after-birth".

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001

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