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Can Canadians be on the show?

-- Mike Stapleton (, February 27, 2001


Yes, all of them, except you.

-- Dpry (, February 27, 2001.

Absolutely not. Canadians would spend their time explaining how they aren't American, and not all Canadians say "eh?" all the time, and that Molson's is better than Alaska Amber Ale, and that they have the same troubles with the country to the south that the US does.

Of course, it is possible that RDF would permit it.

They *did*, after all, permit Americans on the show.

-- Rick Tyler (, February 27, 2001.

No Canadians are allowed.

They are far too fond of junk and would require a full body search each time they left the junkyard. If you allowed too many of them on the show there would soon be no junk left to make anything out of.

-- Richard James Retey (, February 27, 2001.

Only if they don't suggest snowmobiles as a challenge. Then they will need to be eviscerated and thrown to polar bears.

-- ChanzReed (, February 28, 2001.

Ya, Eh, Canadians can be on the show.....they can be the balast for the trebuchet competition.

-- John gap (, March 04, 2001.

On the first series, Kali was a canuck...But she's aboot the only one I know of so far.


-- Brad Will (, April 11, 2001.

They may also "jersey" the opponents and knock the living crap out of them

-- Peter Nickerson (, April 16, 2001.

No, Canadians are Idiots!!! Robert Llewellyn wouldn't allow you on Junkyard Wars!!! Ha!Ha

-- Rea Shera (, March 19, 2003.

fuck you

-- fuck you (, May 26, 2003.

Got any mountain goats eh?

-- (eh@ba.aaaah), December 07, 2003.

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