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I am heading off to Dublin for a short trip...does anyone know of a large format supplier - new/used equipment, supplies, etc., in the area....thanks in advance.

-- Malcolm Fox (, February 27, 2001


I've found it very thin on the ground. 5*4 film can be got through a company called Quirk Lynch. I once asked them for a price for 8*10 film and after some time they came back with a box of paper. They are on the Lower Rathmines road. Expect film to be more expensive than in the states.I 've bought second hand gear in a place called The Camera Shop on Lower Gardner street but each time it was the only LF camera in the shop. One other company Image supply systems is in liberty lane off kevin street near st stephens green and they also do sheet film for 4*5. and thats it. If any one has any other information I also would love to hear it Larry Cuffe

-- Laurence Cuffe (, February 28, 2001.

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