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I think it would be interesting to occasionally have a special competition where the teams were give 2 days to perform a task. This would allow for the occasional more complicated challenge. Perhaps this could be done as a "tournament of Champions" type of event.

-- John Botsford (, February 27, 2001


Great idea ! ! A 2 day challenge would give the competitors time to build a much more challenging, better quality, safer, interresting project and I believe , keep the true JYW viewers totally glued to the screen. How come nobody thought of this before? KUDOS ! !

-- Bill Mercier (, March 07, 2001.

I thought of this also last time I saw the show, if they had afew more hrs how much cooler it could be!!! Finals woudl be a good time to bring it in to effect!

-- Dave Ashman (, July 25, 2001.

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