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I can appreciate that TLC is featuring "Scrapyard Challenge" under the title "Junkyard Wars"... Except that we occasionally hear Robert Lewellyn referring to Scrapyard specifically. In truth, I have no problem with that. Scrapyard is MUCH more fun than the re-enactments entitled "Junkyard Wars." And it's the re-enactments that give me headache. For a bit I deluded myself into thinking that these "re-enactments" were mere coincidence. But, NO... To common observation, the various "challenges" boil down to choreography. We see NOT ONLY the same challenges time-after-time, but the same design solutions per-team, and the SAME pitfalls... I've seen this solution-cycle repeated at least three times, which indicates to me a good bit of choreography (not to mention the same GUESTS). I do not condemn Scrapheap or Junkyard (because the repitition, to me, is hilarious), but you NEED variety.


-- Charles Austin (, February 27, 2001

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