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Hi All,

I just inherited my dad's old photo equipment and am trying to get an idea of quility and where to go next with it. I used all of this when I was a kid when I didn't know anything about photography. Now I am an adult and still don't know much about photography except that I miss taking pictures and have now decided to give it another shot (heck the equipment was free, seems like a cheap way to try it out again)

Anyways, here is a list of what I have and if anyone could comment on bits, it would be greatly appreciated (I don't know mich about it - as you'll be able to tell from my descriptions :-)

Body: Konica Autoreflex TC Lens: Konica Hexanon 40mm F1.8 Rokinon Auto Tele-converter 2X Rokinon Automatic MC 1:28 f:135mm Commander MC Auto Zoom Macro 1:45 80-200 Zoom Flash: Hanimex TZ1

Thanks in advance...

Ken Davis

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001


inherited equip.

Hi Ken,

I can tell you a little about the TCs, have a pair myself that have served as my backup cameras for many years (backup to my T4s and more recently, FT-1s).

TC is a good solid camera, not as full featured as the T4 of the same era, but shares a lot of parts & design with it. Relatively simple operation. See posts on this bulletin board about problems getting 625 mercury batteries, as this will effect you, assuming you'll use the auto exposure capability of this camera and it's internal light meter.

TC is a real workhorse. To test it, put batteries in it and take it out for a spin with a roll of inexpensive color print film, have it quick printed to see if it looks like the camera is working reasonably well. Of most concern is the meter. I've had several T4 meters just stop working and they are not easy to get replaced now. But I've never had a problem with either TC (admittedly, as backups they see less use).

Both T4 and TC can be used "manually" if the meter isn't working and/or the batteries are run down. This means you set the shutter and lens manually, using either experience or a separate hand-held light meter. Many more "modern" electronic cameras (incl. the FT-1) are only useful as paperwieghts if the batteries die!

If so, I suggest a good CLA (clean, lube, adjust) by an knowledgeable Konica technician Greg Weber is one such, see elsewhere on this BB). Best guess is that a CLA will run $75. I suggest this with any older used camera if you don't know when it was last serviced! It may also need new light seals on the door and elsewhere.

The 40/1.8 is reputed to be a very good, sharp lens. Can't comment much on the other lenses or teleconverter, but a 135/2.8 is a nice speed. I'm not a fan of 2X teleconverters, there is some loss of image quality & light fall off. Some folks like them as a quick, easy way to get more "reach" with their lenses. For example the 135 would become a 270mm, but you will lose two f-stops, to f5.6. Not bad. Using it on the 80-200 would make that a 160-400 f6.7-8, which is a little slow (hard to focus with a dim viewfinder). A teleconverter typically shouldn't be used on wide angle lenses, your 40/1.8 is slightly wide.

Of course, one of the best things about having any Konica camera body from the Autoreflex on is having access to all those great Hexanon lenses! You might want to pickup a lens flyer off eBay, check it out at Mike LePard's Photography Blue Book website, or get one of the old books about the Konica system from about the time of your camera (late 70's). There are lots of great lenses, some are still bargains! Others you might enjoy, that would complement your system, would be wide angles like 24 & 28mm (your 40 is pretty close to a 35), ultra wides such as 21 & 18mm, short "portrait" telephotos in the 85 to 100mm range, longer telephotos 300mm & up.

I recall when I first started shooting pictures I was really nuts about using telephotos, later learned to appreciate wide angle lenses. Now I kind of go in cycles, depending on what subject matter I'm concentrating on at present. There are lots of good "technique" books out there, at all levels of expertise.

Enjoy your Dad's camera equipment! My Dad gave me his Leicas a few years ago and they are fun to take out & use from time to time... but I am really spoiled after 20+ years using Konicas. They make the old Leica rangefinders seem pretty primitive!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

Konica Equipment and some things to try out

Hi Ken,

I have to agree with a lot of opinions that you will get about the high quality of Konica Hexanon lenses and Konica SLR Cameras, it is really great stuff.

I have heard of the Rokinon line of equipment (but not a lot of stuff), mostly heard that they had "good" 3rd party lenses and they are not as good as Hexanon, but still not bad either. Unfortunately, if you decide to sell the Rokinon equipment you may not get a lot for it, but it may help pay 1/2 for a Konica Hexanon version of the same. (other than the Konica Hexanon x2 AR Teleconverter, they are $$$).

The Rokinon x2 TC is probally like my Kenko and Vivitar 3rd party TC's, not bad, not great, but still highly useable.

The Konica TC SLR is a good little camera and the 40mm f1.8 is indeed highly respected in lenses.

You may wish to get a 50mm f1.7 Hexanon lens, they are very very good at f5.6 (I have a test that says they are the best of all 8 major manufacturers!) and I they are cheap, I have a few extras if you are interested. Also, you should pick up a 28mm lens. You can find a few here auctions.

Enjoy Konica, it is the best!

Mike The Photography Blue Book

Thanks Alan for the recommendation there on the Konica part of The Photography Blue Book.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001

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