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I reluctantly mention that a nice 21mm f2.8 Hexanon just finished at $685 US on eBay! (incl. shipping) Not trying to restart this well-worn thread, but had to comment... hell, now I'm going to be reluctant to take mine out and use it!

Maybe I should sell all the Konica stuff at eBay prices and downgrade to Canon USM "L" lenses or maybe even Leitz (with all those cool names!)!!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001


eBay Prices... Konica is in "De-Man-d"

There is a popular saying that would fit Konica today such as:

"It's Da-Bomb"

"It's Da-Man!"

Seems, Konica is really in Demand more today than EVER before! I have to keep revising The Photography Blue Book's ( Konica lens section almost daily from all the price increases!

The last 21mm f2.8 lens went for 379.45, now 677.77. That isn't even funny! Konica is now on the Top Heap of the Used Manufacturer want list and people are willing to pay for the stuff! BIG TIME.

Usually when thing more than quadrouple (or more) over 6 Months there is something up in the marketplace. Lets look at some theories:

1. People are studdenly realising that Konica SLRs and Hexanon Lenses' top quality, construction and superior optics.

2. People are getting tired with almost 100% All pastic (PVC) Camera bodies, Lenses, etc and see Konica's almost all metal quality.

3. There is a rumor that might be true about a new Konica SLR K/AR lens mount camera coming out, thus people are trying to snatch up lenses that will fit it now when they won't be even Double that next year.

4. Ok, who let out the Konica secret of: The Highest quality for the lowest price ratio?

Konica REALLY should LOOK AT THIS HUGE popularity into their old SLR line of cameras and lenses! Their stuff is even more popular than Nikon right now! Just think of the market if they are making a new Konica SLR that can use the older K/AR MF mount lenses! Hey Konica, Jump on it NOW! I'm quite fasinated over these HUGE price increases in the last 6 months and where there are "bargins" to be found, its a Sellers world right now. But, if you sell something, don't expect to get another one for cheap anytime soon.

Just got a set of Vivitar Auto Extension tubes, Set of Close-up filters and a Konica Hexanon x2AR TC in the mail today!

Have fun collecting, using, and enjoying Konica.

Mike. The Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

Prices on Ebay

Good points Mike, but don't forget that collecting is a big factor also. When you take a look at what Leica kit goes for these days (both old and new), you have to be pretty well off to get into camera collecting on this level. Konica seems a better choice: excellent, useable equipment at (comparatively) very low prices. Collectors want to snap up the rare and pristine examples, and I think that some of these items will show up on Ebay again in 6 months or so when the prices are higher, just so that the owner can make a turn-around profit. Ah well, these are just my thoughts...

Cheers all, Tom Hulit

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001

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