Poe's conection with shore stories

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Why is Edgar Allen Poe considered to be the "creator of short storie"?

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001


Well Carly, Poe is considered the creator of the short story because he is really the first person to write a large number of works like this. Up to this time period (Romanticism), literature was generally long and drawn out (unless it was poetry). Poe believed that the reader had a short attention span and they would benefit from a shorter story. He actually wrote guidelines that he followed when he wrote. I don't know where exactly you can find them but I'll try to list a couple from memory. First, you must pick a topic to write about. Then you can begin writing. Now Poe vehemently believed that each and every word in the story must be related to the theme, no wasted words. He also wrote his stories to be read in one sitting. This way he has the full attention of the reader and they can go through it quickly. I'm sorry thats all I remember. I hope this helps. POPE

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

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