A great challenge (I think)

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I remember as a kid, going to a county fair. At this fair were several fire departments competing in a number of events. In one of these, there was a heavy rope or cable strung between two high poles whitch were about 100' apart. On this cable was a barrel. The two teams would squirt water at the barrel out of fire hoses trying to slide it into their opponents territory with the object being to make it hit their opponents pole. I thought this would be an interesting challenge for your teams if they had to build their own pumps, & maybe even their own water storage tank. Pumps could be either gas engine or hand powered. Sounds like fun to me. It would really be a WET challenge in any case.

-- Ray Boettner (kingblazer@att.net), February 26, 2001


woe, that does sound like a lot of fun. Interesting limits you put on it too. Problem with water storage, pump power and hose...


-- Richard James Retey (theswampie@cs.com), February 26, 2001.

To make it more intresting, why not give each team say a thousand gallon tank, but they have to build the pump and make the hoses from the yard. That way it's sort of fair.

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (joeyinalexandria@hotmail.com), February 26, 2001.

Why not give the teams the same amount of water each, and that way the most efficient system, (best matched pressure/volume pump, nozzle and hose combo.) and the best aiming technique will win the contest. This is a good challenge idea, it leaves a lot of room for design as well as being an intellectual and skill challenge.

-- Waddy Thompson (cthomp3851@aol.com), February 26, 2001.

I really don't have anything more to add...I just wanted to say it seems like a great challange to me.

I can see my kids doing it in the back yard in the summer too...

-- Dan Denney (rustrenegades@hotmail.com), February 26, 2001.

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