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Does anyone have a list of speed tables for N scale locomotives, which match locos from various manufacturers? For example, matching an Atlas/Kato GP-35 to mu with an Atlas B23, or Kato SD-45's to mu with Atlas SD-50/60's.

-- Aaron Coats (aaron.coats@wcom.com), February 25, 2001



I don't have or know of tables. My own experience (n scale) has been, given the performance variables bewteen individual locomotives from the same manufacturer, plus the even bigger differences between manufacturers, that trial and error is the only way to go. Plus, the running characteristics of my locos, even when they are from the same manufacturer, tend to change slowly over time. So, what I do is lots of trial and error on MUs and also shy away from MUs from different manufacturers.

The Digitrax PR1 makes the trial-and-error part not too hard, although a little time consuming. I "re-calibrate" locos, even from the same manufacturer, every few months with the PR1. I would appreciate any comments anyone else has as well on this subject. Best Regards - Greg

-- Greg Smith (cjgjsmith@sprintmail.com), March 21, 2001.

To help with the speed table, and matching speeds to another loco, John Kabat came up with a program called racetrack.


Click on the link to racetrack in the menu. Or just click on http://sljkrr.home.mindspring.com/rtk.html

The basics, you start with a 22" radius circle, place the "master" loco (the one you want to match TO) and the new loco directly apart. Start the program and tweak the speed tables to match.

It's fun, and if you add a spedometer you can tune top speeds at the same time.


-- Joel Jameson (karib@spamcop.net), February 18, 2003.

I have found a good speedometer for all scales in MR. Check out TDP & Associates. Unit works good for tuning speeds on all locos on bench or on layout.

-- Ed Osciak (ed_osciak@3com.com), August 22, 2003.

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