what position the planets were in the year i was born?

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In the year 1972 on july 30th what was the position of the planets? And also the planet positions for febuary the 26th 1976? thank you very much i hope you can help us we have looked everywhere.

-- Roy Campbell (roy730722000@yahoo.com), February 25, 2001



The best way of answering this kind of question is to find a Web site that will generate a map of the sky from horizon to horizon for any year and poition on Earth - try the excellent Web site at Heavens Above...


read the 'how-to' files and enjoy. Deeper information can be obtained from planetarium packages like Skymap Pro (windows) or Xphem (linux).

Astrologers have different ways of doing things, and I'm afraid I have no interest or knowledge of astrology.

-- Keith Burnett (kburnett@btinternet.com), February 26, 2001.

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