I would like to find some sour dough bread starter, but where should I look?

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All I had to ask is above in subject line.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2001


You can make it with 2 cups flour, 1 & 1/2 cups warm water, and a tablespoon of dry yeast. Mix these ingredients together in a clay or glass container with a wooden spoon. Cover the container and set in a warm dry area. Be sure to stir the pot 3 times a day. After 10 days begin taking a cup of starter out and replacing it with 1 cup flour and 1 cup water. Keep the container in a dry warm place at all times and be sure to stir it 3 times every day.


-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

I believe you can also get freeze dried cultures from SAFYEAST.com


-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001

Go to the SOAR site - sourdough bread recipes list and sift through the bread recipes to find oodles of starter recipes. I really like the Herman Starter recipe with daily directions.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001

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