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Need your help again. I'm looking at the two lenses mentioned. Can someone tell me how to tell what these lenses are capable of and how old or new they are. The names are confusing to me even after a few years of looking at them. Any help would be appreicated. And thanks again for all the help from everyone on the LF forum. Doug

-- Doug Theall (, February 25, 2001


The Apo Gerogon is a wide field process lens it is NOT an enlarging lens.

The Rogonar S is Rodenstocks next to the bottom enlarging lens. The Rodenstock enlarging lens line consists of:

Apo Rodagon N - top of the line for all but extreme mural application Rodagon - best for most purposes Rodagon G - Mural work only Rodagon WA -for 30% larger prints at the same column height Roganar S -for good print quality - bottom of the line in Rodenstock in 90mm and longer lengths. Rogonar - low end 50 and 80mm beginner lenses

What quality are you trying to achieve?

That will tell you which lens to buy.

-- Bob Salomon (, February 25, 2001.

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