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I have two ideas for ways to get teens involved in the filming process: 1; Have a set of seats for the teens to be on the show as a live audience, and allow them to ask questions about the technical aspect of he build, make suggestions, and maybe to heckle the teams as they build the machines. 2; Do a show or series where a team of teens is coupled with each team of adults. The teens would be in a booth with a plexiglass wall, and would direct the adults who would be doing the actual "hands on" work on the machines. The teens would get to demonstrate their creativity, teamwork, and get to be involved in the design of the machines. It would also demonstrate the differences between the way adults think about solving problems about how to build machines, and how the teens would visualize the build. It could create some really intresting results to do this. I for one, would be first in line to apply to be on one of the adult "worker bee" teams. One other suggestion that I would like to make is that there are so many teens and children in the US that watch the program and have computers, why not have an on line site that they can log in while the show is in progress, and ask questions, and have Cathy and/or the current co-host or expert answer one or two chosen ones at the end of the show with a one minute live spot. The younger generation of "junkyard Warriors" really does want to get connected with the show in some way, and this would give them a chance. Waddy, "expert" for the "Rusty Juveniles"

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 24, 2001


When you get more on the teen involvement stuff e-mail it to 16 year old viewer (Riley) in Asotin, Idaho: address-

-- Kathryn DeVries (, February 26, 2001.

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