(tap tap) This thing workin'? 8)

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Heya bro, it's about time to type in /camp & come join us in hell-raisin' vulchin' good time! EQ gets old pretty quick if you play it constantly, trust me! 8)

To all the newer members.... I talked to one today & he dint know about the bbs for WB's, so here it is...


All sorts of information (& whines) about Warbirds. Just remember, if you are going to post, make sure you have your facts straight (& put on some flame-retardant underwear) 8)

OTW back to the WW2,

Jeff "SAsquatcH" Travis

"I'm not part of the software....I'm a bug" 8)

-- Squatch (acirem@gte.net), February 24, 2001


Flange and Bollocks

Well I would play however..

Whenever I log in I just get solid yellows interspaced with occasional red and greens. No fun :( Don't know how I am going to do training nights, let alone fly for fun. Once iEN get their backbone conex sorted out I will be back with a vengance. Till then I'm kind of screwed


-- Thrax (DemUK@aol.com), February 27, 2001.

Re: the above

Squatc, Agreed, EQ is the most boring thing in the world after the first couple of months. I even tried Asheron's Call and that's even worse. Thraxy, I haven't seen you for ages mate! Come back to us, we love you man! BTW, are you guys interested in flying in WW2 online. I for one would love to fly with the Red Arrows in WW2OL. Thrax, any plans for this????


-- Dave "Fernsy" Ferns (dferns@bigpond.net.au), February 26, 2001.

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