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Had a problem that VCDs I created out of segmented files captured with VirtualDub were not playable. Kevin said that I need to capture using OpenDML option. I tried to find the option unsucsessfully but found that it is actualy a codec or an avi format. Can anyone explain further what it is and how to create OpenDML compliant files. Thanks to all the wizards out there.

-- Mike (, February 24, 2001


Open digital media (openDML) has created a new avi file format extension. read up on exactly what it is and how it works here: use CTRL-F to find opendml on the page to find the heading. opendml avi output is available for some software (flaskmpeg) as an output plugin that you select before configuring your output codecs. im not sure if this is supported by virtualdub or not. hope this helps. jason

-- jason maxwell (masonNOSPAM@jaxwell. com), August 30, 2001.

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