What is the significance of the 6th & Howard furniture/building artwork, and where is the Jerry Garcia mural located?

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I think most of us are familiar with the strange artwork arrangement of furniture sticking OUT of windows on the building at the southwest corner of 6th & Howard Street. But does anybody know just WHY or HOW this thing came about and WHO is responisble? I've been curious.

Also, does anyone know where the Jerry Garcia mural is located that is shown in this picture? I believe it might have been painted by a Rigel Juratovac.

Scott Trimble
Northern California Movies

-- Scott Trimble (stst@stst.net), February 24, 2001


On March 9, 1997, hundreds of people came together to celebrate the opening of Brian Goggin's Defenestration installation. Over 30 pieces of furniture and home appliances are welded and rigged to the two sides of a currently-empty 3-story building at 6th and Howard Street in San Francisco.

See: http://www.defenestration.org/

-- rich (zpub2000@yahoo.com), February 25, 2001.

The Jerry Garcia mural used to be located at Central Haight corner store, corner of Haight & Central. Sadly, through a combination of time and petty vandalism, it deteriorated. I am not sure if it still exists, and I believe the owners of the store have painted over it with another mural.

-- anon (morrissey99@earthlink.net), July 03, 2001.

Hi there!. It's me...the artist. strange page!....


-- rigel juratovac (rigel@hiphop-network.com), February 19, 2002.

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