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First of all, i wasn't aware that Ashume Rainflower was Hisa, has everyone known this???

secondly, bbh as a master verticle shooter in your own right (maybe not hisa's level of course), can you take a look at Hisa's latest maserpiece recording of vfive. the analinp score passes clean of autofire (not really needed for this game i think since it's auto autofire) and for slowdowns.

But some of the moves he makes just seem god like or slowdown like. I can understand dodging some of the bullets knowing where the bullets are going to be and guessing where holes are, but there are a few spots in the game (I can point you out to where they are via current score when they happen) where there are two layers of bullets coming at the ship which would be impossible to dodge in real time because they are moving in different directions and to predict where both of them are in a split second seems impossible if not very difficult. Hisa on the other hand procedes to swerve to miss the first layer and stops for an instant in the right place between the layers, then swerves in the opposite direction to miss the second layer. This is characteristic of a slowdowned game where you know where the bullets are going in slow motion and can react easier. His reactions seem to quick to be playing at full speed, anyone else think this?

should we challenge one of his recordings that can be recorded with m35tg3? if there are any...

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001


Ok. First of all, look closely at the name, it's "Ashame Rainflower", not "Ashuime Rainflower" (Ashuime changed his MARP name to Matt Denham anyway). Who this guy is, I'm not sure, I thought Ashame was Hisa under another name because the login name is 5nt... but now I'm not so sure. But why do Japanese players use weird login names like that? Anyway, Hisa became obsessed with destroying the real Ashuime after he made that joking post about being the "KING of Soldam", maybe he told a friend to use that name. I dunno.

Whoever this guy is, he's made some errors on his uploads... on IRC QRS told me his gng recording was actually recorded on makaimur, and then Barry said the aburner recording was actually aburner2... and the 60,000,000 score he quoted on aburner2 was way off, it was only 18 mil and he finished the game. What the heck's going on with this guy?

As for V-Five, I'm certainly not an expert in this game but I'll take a close look at it now. It could just be those impossibly good Japanese reflexes (take a look at that 753 million DoDonPachi inp, it seems absolutely impossible to pull off most of that stuff... but the Gamest record is 719 million so somebody must've been able to pull it off on a real arcade machine... I'm just glad we don't have to worry about that inp on MARP).

His gng/makaimur recording is supported by m35tg3, maybe we can get him to re-submit on that.

Oh, by the way, I still don't know what to make of the NoMercy situation... but I *DID* email him and asked him to submit a GunSmoke recording with m35tg3. And guess what? He hasn't replied, nor has he submitted anything to MARP in nearly a week. He knows the jig is up. Should we do something about all of his recordings if he doesn't prove himself?


-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

No... 5nt = 7nt = Hisa-Chan. I know this on the basis of he was wondering how to delete a recording under the 5nt account when he wanted to put it under the 7nt account(the actual Hisa-Chan).

The only way this could not be true is if Hisa-Chan gave 5nt and password to someone else.


-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

yeah, that's what I'm thinking, Hisa gave the account to someone else. There are some text files in some of the .inps, saying it was recorded by some dude named STRIKE... which makes me think that it's someone from MAMENAVI or one of those other Japanese replay sites. Heck, the V-Five recording was made nearly a year ago.

Anyway, I took a look at the .inp, and while he's exhibiting some truly insane reflexes, he does know the game inside and out, which leads me to consider that he's just one of those remarkable players. I don't see any reason to disqualify the score just yet since it comes out clean.


-- Anonymous, February 25, 2001

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