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I have just seen the new IHC heavyweight passenger cars, and can not believe the color scheme. I am not aware of any SAL scheme such as the one presented on these cars. Have I been unaware of the existence of this pattern, or is this a figment of some ones imagination? The paint job itself was really pretty well done, but the colors?

-- Jim Lichtenberger (, February 23, 2001


Paul, the IHC OBS cars have gray ends and black roofs which doesn't match the color photos I've seen.The red and gray colors though do look similar.

-- Leon Butler (, March 14, 2001.

And I even gave them paint scheme diagrams, color chips, and photos to do the right scheme. Sigh!!!

Paul Faulk Manufacturer's Liaison

-- Paul Faulk (, February 27, 2001.

If you're talking about the pictures on their WEB site look at Paul Faulk's SAL Color Guide to Freight& Passenger Equipment on page 11 and you will see where it comes from. This is the last scheme of the OBS. Jim

-- Jim Capers (, February 23, 2001.

So dont keep us in suspense-what were the offending colors?or the color scheme?

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, February 23, 2001.

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