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i'm going nuts! cant wait to find out who makes it. my only fear is if we do make it we may not be able to get shannon (team member) out of the junk yard. ha ha .

-- the test tank babies (finishrad@aol.com), February 23, 2001


We're in the same boat! I'm sure the producers are swamped under an avalanche of tapes, but in my frequent Junkyard Daydreams I keep hoping they'll give a hint as to first-cut contenders! Here at the design firm where I work, we're racing mini (12 inch!) wheeled "vehicles" made only of things we can find around the office as a way to alleviate the tension.... AAAHHHHH!

-- Jakey/ the Rubble Rousers (jakey@grymttr.com), February 23, 2001.

Hey, whoever cant wait is crazy! im goin out of my mind to! LOL!!!!! YAY!!!!! ~Dont look at me like im wierd, im just crazy!~ ~Alana~

-- Alana Lowery (fido335@hotmail.com), February 23, 2001.

Oh man, its going to be a long March for you guys....

Me - if I kept thinking about it every day, I'd probably go nuts...or else clean out my garage and figure out what I can cobble together with all that stuff. And I've got that new cordless recip saw coming up for my birthday....



-- Brian Flynn (bflynn@nc.rr.com), February 23, 2001.

I'm just going to keep writing my story on the site until the phone rings...(I may type myself into oblivion...)

Hey Brian, can I borrow your recip? I have a neighbor who keeps parking one of his six cars in front of my house!

-- Dan Denney (Rustrenegades@hotmail.com), February 24, 2001.

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