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‘The black community, and therefore this nation, loses when blacks are married to one party.’ — ROBERT WOODSON National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise What are your thoughts on One Party for All Black Folk?

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2001


The entries on this page show me that people don't all think alike, even if they share a common race. Political affiliation comes from values, not biology. In my city prayer group is an African American lady who prayed fervently for the election of George Bush and the confirmation of John Ashcroft. I assume she voted accordingly. Would she want to participate in the same party as the African Americans who voted Democrat? Don't think so. She'll team with those whose values she shares regardless of their race.

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

Brother Rob, my goodness now you are reading other people's minds! Rob I love you dearly!!! Your comments about how Black People think is endearing in it's simplicity. But because of our legacy of slavery, disenfranchisement, we have made certain political choices. I hope you will begin to see Black people as indivduals. I do not assume that all white people think alike. Nor would I say there is a white man in my prayer group who voted for Al Gore and he voted for values not because of what other members of his race did. The point that I am trying to make is that as Children of a God who took absolute delight in making his children all different colors, we must not let politics seperate us. Rob, this discussion board has treated you with respect and love, yet you continue to try to pigeon hole us. Why? The layers of racism are deep, and as Christians we must be vigilant against the evils of racism and the cloak of politics that is often used to mask racism. Rob I have suggested in the past that you visit an AME church, I know you will be blessed!! And I think it will help you understand the members of this discussion board that this is an AME board, that is open to all people. And yes I have attended many Assembly of God churches in my life time. Partly in the past because I had members of my church who were formerly Assembly of God and I wanted to try to understand the worship experience and doctrine. You have said things that were supposedly "tongue in cheek" such as calling some of our leaders "loudies" well I am not a proponent of being "tongue in cheek" if I have something to say I say it! And this is what I am saying "To respect someone is to respect the fact that they made have different political views" And the next time you say something tongue in cheek!! "My brother you will hear from me big time."

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

My Dear Sister and Brother,

May I say that both of you should take a deep breath and say, "Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow."

The question was: Robert Woodson contends that all of us are losers (the nation) when blacks are married (his word) to one party (Democrats) because the black community loses. Do you think that the black community loses and that causes the nation to lose also.

MLK also contended that when one person in the US is disenfranchised the nation suffers loss.

Rob, some definitions are in order: What do you mean by "values"? What and who is a "Loudie"? What is the genesis of that term?

My Sister, are you suggesting that brotther Rob has a"hole in his soul?" We will have more to say no doubt.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

I thought that's what I'd been doing all along - making the point that one cannot group people by something like race and say they're all alike. That's why there can never be a political party for a race, because people linked by that alone will have too wide a variety of opinion and values. Maybe I have trouble expressing my positions via the keyboard.

Well, that brings up another sad point. Lately I've gotten some rather unpleasant e-mails to my private address from readers of this page. I understand that's one of the hazards of the web, but some have been read by my wife and upset her. For that reason I must take a "read only" approach from now on. Pastor John, when this page offers a software that allows entries without the requirement of an e- mail address I may come back again under an alias. Thanks, and all will please refrain from e-mailing me at home.

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

Brother Rob,

So you want to take your marbles and go home since the other kids disagree with you and even challenge you. I can see you now standing at the window watching as the other kids who are not exactly like you and agree with everything you say continue to play their game. Your mother says, "That's all right son. You really didn't want to play with THOSE kids anyway. They are not like us." But you continue to watch.

Rob, until the dialog is finished you have to stay in the game. No matter how much it hurts you have to learn to play through the pain. No pain, no gain.

I have detected some things you've said that indicated your dissatisfaction with AME doctrine, but I didn't say anything hoping you would keep reading and learn from us as we learn from you. If you've read my posts, you know that I am at odds with many of my brothers and sisters on this board--I daresay except for church doctrine you and I are closer than some of my darker-hued sisters and brothes and me. But I refuse to take my marbles and go home. (Sometimes I want to however.)

If you are leaving, make a clean break. Stop reading the board. If you read and do not contribute you will get the wrong impression and that is how sterotypes are born. This is not a perfect means of communication because you lack the feedback, from body language in particular. That is why it takes several interchanges to get a point across. But if it is not worth that, so be it.

By the way, I've gotten nasty emails also, but I refuse to be imprisoned by the ignorance and evil of others. That is why I use my email and will never stoop to using an alias. When someone sends you nasty email, give him opportunity to do it again, like turning the other cheek. Someone said we ought to do that.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001


I suppose the classic nursery rhyme, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me", doesn't apply to you. Bulletin Board communciation of this variety promotes a vibrant marketplace of ideas. When we put on the whole Armour of God our breastplate of righteousness and shield provides protection against physical and "verbal" abuse. A servant of Christ can ill afford to be thin- skinned. QED

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2001

Who do you want as allies? Who do you think the white supremists voted for? Which party do you think the KKK endorces? Who do you think the neo nazzis voted for? Which party do you think the skin heads voted for?

How far will you go to chase the almighty dollar? In who's bed will you sleep?

your brother in Christ


-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001

I think the same logic can be applied both ways. Who did the communists vote for? Who did the pornography people vote for? Who did the abortion people vote for? Who did the black panthers vote for? Who did the hezbollah vote for? Who did the drug dealers vote for? Who did the nation if islam vote for? I see many good and bad people in both parties.

In Christ Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

I find it most alarming, indeed, that the more things change for Black Americans, the more they remain the same. It is quite ironic and unsettling, to say the least that Bishop Henry McNeal Turner--A Republican Georgia Legislator--in December of 1888 should express the same sentiment and anguish that many Black Americans felt 112 years later in December of 2000 and still feel in March 2001. What he wrote in regards to the then Republican Supreme Court was published in ---THE OUTRAGE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES UPON THE BLACK MAN. REVIEWED IN A REPLY TO THE NEW YORK "VOICE," THE GREAT TEMPERANCE PAPER OF THE UNITED STATES. BY BISHOP H. M. TURNER, D.D. L.L.D. Of the African Methodist Episcopal Church-----and may be found on the websitehttp: //

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

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