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I'm contacting you on behalf of the Kodiak Arts Council. Every year we have an Arts and Adventure Auction so we can continue to bring entertainment to our island home. This year it was decided each board member contact a celebrity for a donation. Our auction will be held March 31st. Due to your Kodiak popularity and following, including my 14 year old son, I thought I would contact you. I realize you must get many simular requests but do hope you will consider mine. I feel you fit both catagories, art and adventure! I also love your program. It's great how you apply the math, physics and history into the program. Again I hope you will consider my request. A fan, Joy Arneson Kodiak Arts Council V.P. 3092 Spruce Cape Road Kodiak, Alask

-- Joy Arneson (, February 23, 2001


Sure, I didn't realise you had heard of me over there. I'll need an air ticket of course. Of course, as you say, I do get many requests to speak about oranges, do you have californian oranges there? I don't like ones with pips although you can study the physics of projectile motion with them so they are not completely redundant.

I'm curious, do they use cars in Alaska or is the only transport still by Husky sled. I don't mind sleds of course but I am alergic to dogs unfortunately. If Huskies eat oranges then we could feed the ones with pips to them.

Hey I'm looking to buy a digital camera and as you work in Kodiak you could give me some pointers on good ones to look out for. I'm looking for colour, not black and white, and preferably orange because orange is my favourite colour. Oppps, I mean "c.o.l.o.r" (so you can understand me).

I don't know about you selling people (and celebrities like myself in particular) at auction. We never had slavery in my country so I don't know the ins and outs. Do they buy me outright or only for a time? Do they feed me? I'm very particular about the fruit I eat.

Anyway, many thanks for the invitation, don't forget the air ticket because walking that far (or taking a sled) is quite uncomfortable.

Yours cynicly, Uncle Orange (formerly Agent, now retired)

-- Uncle Orange (, February 23, 2001.

Fantastic response. Do you suppose you will be contacted? lol

-- Rick (, February 23, 2001.

You guys lighten up a little. What I think he is asking is if any of us have anything from the show to donate to their orginization that they can auction off to help support the arts and entertainment community in their neighborhood. I am not sure if they want something actually seen on the show. They may be looking for just anything that any of the people who have appeared on "JYWars" would be wanting to donate for the auction, possibly things like one of the sculptures that the "Art Attack" team makes or a pumpkin musket or something of that nature. Autographed pics or the like is what usually gets donated for this type auction. For what it would cost to ship anything of size to them, they would be better off for us to just send a check. I don't concider myself a celeb, but just an ordinary guy with a talent for tinkering and launching pumpkins. I would imagine that they could use all the art and entertainment that they can get, being located in Alaska. Waddy, "wreckspert" for the "Rusty Juveniles"

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 23, 2001.


I have had the pleasure of visiting Kodiak Island. I think that this is a very sound request and I hope RDF will consider it carefully. While some people have very strange concepts of what Alaska is like I think it is one of the best places I have ever been. When we were on Kodiak we had dinner at a place called the End of The Road (or that is where the told us to find it) and it was one of the most enjoyable meals of my life. We met a couple from Israel, gave them a ride to the restaurant, and had dinner. In contrast to the first posting I know that technology abounds in Alaska. I remember watching the OJ chase live although we were not exactly in a booming city.

Anyway, you might try to contact to see if he would be willing to help you. Let me know if yon need any help.

Michael Blizzard Team Captain Toxic Avengers

-- (, February 27, 2001.

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