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Two young, very rich men decide to have a party at their parent's estate while they are away. The party gets way out of control as hundreds of people show up.

Dad is the first one home the next day. Seeing that his wife's 2 acres of prized tree saplings were mowed down by the parked cars, he collects his sons.

The sons are told that every tree must be replaced before mom gets home the next day. (The father's ulcer is flaming at the thought of what his wife will do.) The boys immediately start to argue about the best way to do the task. One wants to do it with a machine that makes rows and one wants to "gang drill" the holes.

The father has heard enough of the arguing and simply states. "However can replant the most trees tomorrow, stays in the will."

Both boys run to the barn to see what they can make...after all millions are at stake...

-- Dan Denney (, February 22, 2001


Use a plow to cut a trench set the trees then back fill. Mount drills front and rear set trees and back fill. Junk yard seeding would be tractors- mismatched plows-feed augers-90deg.gear boxs and watertanks.

-- Rob.Fitterling (, February 22, 2001.

dan,love the stories. any how i think i would skip the (dig a trench) idea,and go with a auger on the side of a makeshift vehical. driving in a straight line,drilling every few feet while the team drop the tree in and fills in the dirt.

-- casey,test tank babies (, February 23, 2001.

Ahh...but the question is...How big are the tree whips?

Smaller whips are more efficiently planted with a trench device. Larger ones with augers.

The secret is to pick a whip size that is at the top of the ability of the trencher and the bottom of the effectiveness of the auger. Then the best type of structure then wins...

-- Dan Denney (, February 23, 2001.

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