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I would like to hear from anyone concerning the Telyt 250mm which was made in Canada and if any test results are available.

-- David Tribbeck (datri@telus.net), February 22, 2001


Doug Herr has an excellent site with reviews of R equipment, including the 250mm.


The specific 250mm review is at:


Erwin Putts will sonn be releasing his Leica Lens Compendium which will have reviews of all the various lenses. Info at:



-- John Collier (jbcollier@home.com), February 22, 2001.

Looks like I haven't moved my website in its entirety. The photo of the new version of the 250 f/4.0 Telyt is at:


-- Doug Herr (telyt560@cswebmail.com), February 22, 2001.

I used my Canadian 250/4 for shots of Earl and a bear, both at Katmai National Park.

-- Tony Rowlett (rowlett@mail.com), February 22, 2001.

I borrowed a late-model (second optical design)250 to shoot comparison slides with a 180/2.8 (second design)+ 1.4xAPO teleconverter. Wide open and until f/8 (effective f/11) the latter showed greater contrast, and better definition of extremely fine detail throughout, from center to corners. As a bonus it is smaller and lighter than the 250, and *much* smaller/lighter than a 180 and 250! I have since bought the 180 and 1.4x, and also a 2xAPO, which makes the 180 into a splendid 360/5.6. With the 1.4x and 2x together, I get 500/8 which thanks to the 2 APO teleconverters, is one heck of a lot sharper and contrastier than the 500/8 MR-Telyt (does the MR stand for "MiRror" or "Minolta Re-badged"?).

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), February 22, 2001.

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