Ultra Rare Konica Hexanon 28mm f1.8 UC for sale.

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No, I'm not selling my only Hexanon 28mm f1.8 UC lens but I will happen to have an extra (believe it or not!) in the next two weeks and unfortunately, I cannot afford to have two so I have to sell one of them off. I would prefer selling to someone on here first rather than someone on eBay. Right now the going rate on eBay for these Ultra Rare lenses is: $355-501.77 USD

Here is some more information on it:


As I said, I actually OWN and USE mine, this is a second I was very lucky to get and didn't expect it. The 28mm f1.8 UC lens is a really really nice lens, a lot brighter than the 28mm f3.5 and has all the UC features. I love my 28mm f1.8 UC and wouldn't sell it if it was my only one, I would not only regret it, but never get the chance to buy another! So, this is YOUR rare chance of owning one, don't pass it up, you will love this lens.

If you are seriously interested in owning the hardest to get Hexanon lens drop me an email saying you are interested. Email: michael.lepard@home.com

Here is all I know about the lens right now:

Konica Hexanon AR 28mm F1.8 AE Version Includes + Caps + Mfr Case Atleast Excellent condition.

Sounds like the whole original package to me.

I will also be getting a 24mm F2.8 AR + Caps + No Case as well, but it has been spoken for.

Mike LePard The Photography Blue Book http://photobluebook.virtualave.net

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2001

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