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I am a junior food marketing major in college, and I am taking a food nutririon course. One topic that we discussed included bread, and it interested me with the multiple amount of bread consumption that people normaly partake in. My question regaurds to bread baking. Do you know what kind of chemical effects of fats, emulsifiers, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, kneading, and rising has on the bread baking process, and what effects that may have on those who consume the daily amount.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2001



While we do embrace questions of this nature, a complete answer of this nature would be lengthy. It would also keep you from exploring the literature that gives a more complete understanding of the principles underlying the wonder of bread and baking. I will refer you to the Pyler books, a two volume series that gives a very rounded understanding of the aforementioned theories you seek. You may find these locally, or through Thanks-

Joshua Shroll

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2001

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