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When making a slideshow with Nero5.0.x supposedly Nero will automatically determine what the resolution of the burned still will be depending on the size of the source. It should be displayed either as VCD normal, that is 352*288 (PAL) or 352*240 (NTSC), or VCD high, that is 704*576 (PAL) or 704*480 (NTSC). Whatever I offer Nero a source file, the size of the produced segment .dat-files always is 345 Kb per file.

Question: Is the .dat file size independent of the recorded slide resolution or am I misinterpreting Nero's help info? Hopefully someone can shed som light on this matter.

Friendly greetings, Eppo R. Kooi.

-- Eppo R. Kooi (E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL), February 22, 2001


Regardless of the resoulation of your original picture, Nero always produces still images with 352*288 (PAL) or 352*240 (NTSC) in the segment folder.

-- Frederic (, February 27, 2002.

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