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Another Cap Deal

By: Viking Update Staff

Date: 2/21/2001

One of the biggest battles the Vikings face before the 2001 season will come in the next seven days as the team desperately tries to get below the league salary cap. Korey Stringer took one for the team Tuesday. Korey Stringer wasn't a name that was mentioned when salary cap discussions began, but he became one Tuesday, agreeing to restructure his contract to give the Vikings some short-term cap relief.

Stringer, who is signed through 2003, agreed to re-work his deal to give the Vikings an additional $1 million in cap room for this season. The money wasn't taken away as in the case of Ed McDaniel earlier in the week. Instead, it will be applied to the final year of the contract.

Stringer was one of the players who took a restructuring to his contract in 2000 when the team needed help, making players like Randall Cunningham and John Randle look a little selfish for their stances.

WEDNESDAY NOTES * VU has learned the next targets for restructuring will be Cris Carter, David Dixon and Robert Griffith -- all of whom have shown some willingness to help out the team in this time of need. * Todd Steussie has begun initial talks with the team on a contract extension. Steussie is a player that will be asked to take a pay cut now to stay with the team, but, because of the importance of a left tackle, even though Steussie hasn't enjoyed the same production the last two seasons, he is too valuable to cut as a cost saving maneuver. * The Vikings have an interesting dilemma on their hands. With John Randle likely gone, the team has turned its focus to Fernando Smith. In the process, the Vikings have found through Smith's agent that Jerry Ball may be interested in returning after one year in retirement. Ball could be a good mentor for the many young defensive

-- Mark (Karch, February 22, 2001


I like the idea of brining Ball back if the price is right and if he can play at the level of his last two years here. I am confident that he would be an improvement over what we have. I don't think the Cap would allow us to go after a big-name free agent. If so, there should be several impact defensive players on the market. I am unsure about brining Fernando Smith back. I wasn't too impressed with his overall play last season. Maybe he wasn't in good playing shape.


-- John (, February 22, 2001.

Yes Ball did find a way to clog up the middle pretty good when he played last for us! And he did have that burst of speed that had IZ, Kevan and I hoping that he'd grap a fumble and rumble 99 yards for a TD! Bring back the magic!

-- Ralph (, February 25, 2001.

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