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The object is to move as much dirt as possible across a field.

This would involved building some sort of dump truck. Powerful engines involved here, plus how do they dump it when they get it there.

Building a strong enough truck from salvage and making it dump would really be a test. Seeing one loaded, hitting a bump and going splat would be kind of cool. Could have two front end loaders near a heep of dirt to load the trucks.

They need to build the trucks from scratch, not go out and drag an existing truck in and fix it up.

Has this been mentioned before???

-- Richard James Retey (, February 22, 2001


Sorry, someone please delete this thread, I just noticed the dump truck idea below? Maybe this board can be reorganized into catagorys, that way people can find ideas and perhaps improve on them.

-- Richard Retey (, February 22, 2001.

Actually if you check at the very bottom of the page, they have several catagories (which include the archived posts).

-- Rick (, February 22, 2001.

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