where to buy Innkeeper raisin bread

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We live in Alaska and purchased the bread thur Costco in Anchorage, but they don't carry it anymore, Is there another way we can find it.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2001



Our Innkeeper's Raisin and Apple Bread can be found at the two Costco warehouses in Anchorage and the one Costco Warehouse in Juneau. We did check with Costco on Wednesday, February 21 to confirm that the breads were stocked and available for our customers.

If you do not see it on the shelf, be sure to ask a clerk or the customer service department for assistance.

For a complete distribution list of Costco Warehouses that carry our breads,please go to http://www.innkeepers.bread.com

Linda Bread.com

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2001

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