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Since they borrowed an event from the high power rocket crowd (of which i happen to belong) (ostrech egg loft), then lets do it again...They could do egg DURATION (from launch to touchdown), or they could do a 16 pound(7.27 kilo) BOWLING BALL (loft or duration...i like the duration option)...

flame, smoke, and loud roaring noise guarenteed.

and yes, i have seen a 16 pound BB duration event...

-- Mighty Mik (, February 21, 2001


We get about 26 seconds duration (hang time) with BB's using our big air cannon. We have calculated their terminal velocity to be about 285 mph by still framing video and comparing to trees behind them. We have never located any shot for distance. Maybe it would make a good challenge to see if an air cannon can get better altitude than a rocket with a BB?

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 21, 2001.

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