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The Nero software I used works very, very well and I would recommend it with higher notes. However, I have the following problem. I have created a small Video CD using NERO and my HP CD-Writer Plus, M820e, and watched it on TV screen. Nice. But now when I want to add new movies to the CD NERO tells me time after time that the disk is read-only. Theoretically I have 650 meg on the CD but all I used was 40 meg. Is the rest wasted? Is there any way to write to the same CD again.

-- Kris Orkan-Lecki (, February 21, 2001


This is not a specific VCD matter; rather, it's a general CD-ROM issue. Whenever you create VCDs with Nero, there is no other option presented but to finalize and close the CD. This is done to ensure the resulting VCD can be played back reliably on a set-top; unfortunately since the CD is finalized there is no way of adding anything else to it. You can choose to use the CD-ROM mode in recording to the CD so you can add files later but that will never be a standard VCD and so unplayable on a set-top; in the PC, maybe. With blank CD-Rs so cheap why should adding more files to them be so important?

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 22, 2001.

What the previous poster said is correct. I'd like to add so you don't get the wrong idea, that in addition to it being a "closed" session CD, it is also not possible to add to "any" properly authored VCD after it's been burned. When the "burn" is done, specific timing and track data are added. Trying to add to an already burned VCD (if you could) would destroy the composition and render it useless.

-- Rich (, February 22, 2001.

Both said the right thing. I am really a beginner for the buring CD things. I have Adaptec EZ CD burner. There is advance option on burning CD turn the radio button on for Leave Session Open. Being it is not closed (NO TOC). You might not play it back. But two have two choices to do 1). Keep burn it until you have a space for one item with the advanced option of 'Leave Session Open'. (Sometimes this option is grayed out) and when the the last item you have to burn, at this time you turn on the option saying that 'Close the Disc'. 2) Turn the advance option for 'Close Session and Leave the Disc Open Until the whole disk is full'. I did it long time ago. It did work. You could try it out.

-- Suresh Babu (, February 24, 2001.

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