Terapin or VDR3000

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I want like to know a solution for make vcd's and the quality for it.

-- Claudio Petraglia (vitoriosa@redevitoriosa.com.br), February 21, 2001


If you really want Quality, neither of those devices will do. I reccomend a Broadway Pro, Optibase, or Dazzle DVC2.

-- MrVCD (not@vailible.com), February 22, 2001.

Ok... But I need a solution for a real time operation.... Any suggestions...

-- ClŠudio Petraglia (vitoriosa@redevitoriosa.com.br), March 05, 2001.

Hi, I prefered to use VDR3000 because of the quality of picture and also in term of prizes is not much different. I using both of it at home and terrapin for me is only can be use for hobby videographer. The VDR is very good because of no drop frame and also can record DVD quality. Try to get the one comes with DV 1EEE1394. But in term of budget you can check also with other brand like amoisonic, Linux, Malata, Kcl, or check this site...http://www.audioandvideo.globalsources.com/GeneralManager/&cata log_id=2000000003863&design=clean&language=en&page=Browse&action=GetPo int&point_id=3000000152959&prod_id=21335

and also this site... http://www.kaiser-elec.com

-- Azwadmn (Azwadmn@hotmail.com), June 27, 2001.

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