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I bought a used 3-cam Macro-Elmarit-R 60mm lens and persuaded the dealer to include the macro adapter in the deal. This adpater has its own aperture ring. When attached, it encloses the base of the lens so that the lens's aperture ring is invisible. You must set the aperture on the lens itself to f/22 before you can mount it on the adapter. All this works fine.

However, I've found that I cannot mount my 3rd-cam-only Elmarit-R 90mm on the macro adapter. I haven't tried to force it (!) but they're clearly incompatible. I wonder if this macro adpter is dedicated to the 60mm macro lens or is it supposed to work with other lenses too? If so, which ones?


Ray Moth

-- Ray Moth (, February 21, 2001


Ray: According to a websight which details the 60 Macro Elmarit in both versions, the early 1:1 adapter is made just for that lens, but the later version works with other lenses as well. Cheers.

Mark J.

-- Mark A. Johnson (, March 27, 2001.

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