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The subject pretty much says it - build a machine that will climb an arbitrary, more or less cylindrical, vertical object, with maximal load-carrying capacity. Or set it up so that there's a cherry-picking operation required with the machine having to descend (in a controlled way) as well as ascend the pole. Construction methods: Friction wheels, ratchet mechanisms, something that mimics sling-and-crampon climbing done by tree climbers, ...

-- Theo Smit (, February 20, 2001


Your climber should have to haul something up to the top. Drop something, pump water from a bucket at the bottom of the pole all the wasy to the top. I like dual function challenges.

Ron Lesseraux Captain - Mr. Fixit

-- Ron Lesseraux (, February 20, 2001.

OOpsie - I missed this one on the "frequent challenge list". Consider me properly chastened 8)

-- Theo Smit (, February 20, 2001.

Yo Theo Smit I am currently doin a Australian warman project for my mechganical engineering degree. I am workin on it at the moment If you email me in two weeks i will send you a copy of the report, also check out this site in a month or two and it should have the results of the recent comp,.

-- Marko Aldred (, August 06, 2003.

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