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I was wondering whether our sessions might take a leaf out of The Lancet whereby we have something which is a cross between the 'Clinical Picture' and 'Case History' ie, if any of us have treated something 'unusual/special/different' etc, we could bring it to the group and share how we handled it; or, if we have a patient who is recalcitrant to treatment, we could likewise bring it to the group for input/ideas etc as to what else we might try. What do you all think?

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2001


I'm hoping that your idea of a cross between a clinical picture and a case history is how the second part of our meetings will play out. Next meeting Giulia's patient who presented with a severe endocrine disorder will be studied/brainstormed by the group. Maybe you would like to suggest the next one? Thanks for your feedback. See you soon. Kx

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2001

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