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Am I the only one that would enjoy watching a live taping of this show? I think this would add an additional facet to the show. As a race fan I have found that half the fun is found in the pits.

-- Jim Stuart (, February 20, 2001


It would be dull to the audience until about the last hour, when the build is actually coming down to the wire, and all the parts have been scrounged. The rest of the day would be long periods of not very exciting, punctuated by brief bursts of hilarious laughing. A good gallery of hecklers would add a lot to the last hour of the build though, when the teams are in the crash and burn mode. It could get someone killed though if one of the team members was to go ballistic. It would be fun, but difficult to do with the filming going on. Maybe later they can send the clips to the "Sci Fi 2000" bunch, and let them do their show with them like they do with the old "B" movies.

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 20, 2001.

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