Motorcycle Race's on Great Highway before 1949 : LUSENET : San Francisco History : One Thread is looking for information on Motorcyle races at the Great Highway in San Francisco before 1949! My father said he was a rider and that he won a Indian and Harley Davidson. Looking for articles on the races any help will be wonderful.Marisa

-- Marisa Baldwin (, February 20, 2001


No real race course out there. In the mid 50s we drag raced cars (illegally) out there, right up on the "highway." Maybe they were doing the same in the late fortys. Racing for "pinks" mayhave gotten your Dad a bike !!! In the early 60s I used to bring my Matchless flat-tracker and BSA twin out there to drag race cars. All this was totally illegal and big time fines if caught. The cops would sometimes set up blockers at the Sutro's end of the highway and bag a whole bunch of racers and "spectator" cars that shadowed the race !!! Jumbo's hamburger drive-in joint on Sloat Blvd was our hangout between "events." This would be 1953-55.

-- RE Ruef (, February 24, 2002.

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