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Is that what all you people who were screaming "Bring Back Robert"had in mind as a good show. That weak episode. My, how imaginative those machines were. They should have given them another ten hours to scrap what they were doing and start again! Too bad Cathy wasn't there to say Wibbely-Wobbely wheel on Bowsers nightmare of a contraption. I think we're going to watch this series slowly come up to a grand finale with the American series. It far exceeds all these first shows, and that's OK....we want it to keep getting better.

-- John Gap (, February 20, 2001


As we know, this was one of the first season's episodes, and it's a good example of how far things have come in all aspects of the show, from the team experience level and organization, to the workshop setup (dirt floor?), to the show themes. I'm glad they've hung in there from these humble beginnings, to this year's transatlantic competition. If only I'd looked up the entry deadline a few weeks earlier...

-- Theo Smit (, February 20, 2001.

I thought last night's show was a riot. The race had my wife and I laughing out loud and I just about fell off the couch when Robert mentioned that the throttle was controled by a string tied to the drivers leg. That outrigger wheel Frankenstein machine was a true example of thinking outside of the box. I applaud.

-- Darren Carroll (, February 20, 2001.

I think the problem is that they advertized this as a new season, when in reality this is a rerun of the original first season in the UK. I think that the producers need to make a concentrated effort to let people know that so that they don't loose viewers because we don't like the format.

-- Robert James Koepke II (, February 20, 2001.

I think you miss the point. I know this is the first series. The point is....that Robert was no better than George his first time out. Everyone was screaming, Bring back Robert. Well I saw Robert last night and ....(hold on while I yawn)

-- John Gap (, February 20, 2001.

I think that the string for a throttle trick is standard redneck machinery practice. I have done it with a dirt bike, and my sons have done it with go carts. It works, but is a little tricky on a strong machine. Waddy

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 20, 2001.

well waddy!.......i didnt see any powerful machines last nite! i just wonder why they always seem to leave the idea to determine wether or not the engine theyve decided to spend the last 8 or 9 hrs. building around will actually run at the last minute!...what if the thing had a rod knock or blown head gasket or....????? i think i`d have to try and qualify the engine/transmission FIRST!.....but this is me on the outside looking in!

-- tim (, February 20, 2001.

Was there a rule that they had to use a motorbike format for their vehicle??? Dude, if it had been my team, I would dug through the yard for a good volkswagen bug body, those little suckers have never let me down 4-wheeling. Not to mention the simplicity of both body and engine (this girl has rebuilt VW bus motors--and if I can do it, any unnatural grease-monkey can do it!) Forgive me if I totally missed the point of the show, I missed the first part, and to be honest, the British format confuses me a little. I thought the Red team was doomed from the beginning (can you say "basic electrical-system knowledge"?) Just goes to show that what counts is a well-rounded team, with various knowledge of everything.


-- carrie stamper (, February 21, 2001.

I think they actually would have been better off with the new (or nearly new) engine. It was obviously planted in the yard for the teams to find and I bet there was more than one. They just didn't look hard enough. They would've needed a bigger gear for the back too, possibly used pulleys and a rope or belt drive if there are any decent ones laying about in the yard. So many ways, but the teams weren't experienced yet. Fer example, the orange team's air pump made of a pair of fire extinguishers. They suddenly found the pump rods too long. Well that was their own fault for mounting the pivot lower than in their original plan! They also went for the hard way to fix it when applying a torch to the middle of the bar and prying up on each handle would quickly have remedied things. :)

-- Gregg Eshelman (, February 24, 2001.

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