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Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2001


Bouman may become the No. 2 quarterback

Pioneer Press

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- BILL WILLIAMSON STAFF WRITER ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- The Vikings are working on a deal that would make Todd Bouman their backup quarterback, replacing Bubby Brister. Bouman is a restricted free agent. The Vikings are expected to tender him an offer by the March 1 deadline. The team might work on an extended contract. Bouman, a 28-year-old who played college football at St. Cloud State, is in line to be Daunte Culpepper's backup because the team does not plan to bring back Brister, an unrestricted free agent. Bouman was the Vikings' third-string quarterback last season and has been with the team since 1997. ``We've been told they want Todd to be the backup,'' said Robert Metcalf, Bouman's agent. ``We are negotiating under the context that Todd will be the backup. We are working on a deal, and we believe something will be done. Todd is a big Denny Green fan, and he loves playing for the Vikings. He believes the Vikings' system is a good one to be in for a young quarterback.'' Bouman has yet to play for the Vikings, but he has a reputation as a talented player. With seasoning behind Culpepper, Bouman could have trade value in addition to being a reliable insurance policy should Culpepper be injured. Bouman became the brother-in-law of Vikings defensive lineman John Randle last week. Randle married the sister of Bouman's wife, Courtney. Brister was with the team one season. He played extensively in one game last season and struggled as the Vikings lost at Indianapolis. He will be 39 in August. He said last season he might consider retirement. Birk's agent seeks deal: The agent for Pro Bowl center Matt Birk said Birk and the team are far apart on a contract extension for the restricted free agent. The Vikings have offered a multiyear contract worth about $10 million to the Cretin-Derham Hall graduate, who made the Pro Bowl in his first season as a starter in the NFL. The agent, Joseph Linta, said Birk wants a contract that equals or exceeds the five-season, $17.5 million deal center Jeff Christy had before he signed with Tampa Bay last year. Birk, 24, replaced Christy. Linta said he is looking for a contract in the five- to seven-year range for Birk. ``Matt is as good or better than Christy, so we want a comparable deal,'' Linta said. ``Right now, the Vikings don't agree with us. Maybe later, they will. This will not get ugly. We will come to an agreement.'' The Vikings have until March 1 to give a tender to Birk. Team sources said Birk, a sixth-round draft choice in 1998, will be tendered a first-round contract, worth about $1.1 million. Thus, Birk could leave the Vikings only if another team signs him to an offer sheet, agreeing to give the Vikings first- and third-round draft choices this year. There is little chance that would happen, as centers usually do not attract that type of premium. The Vikings would have seven days to match any offer. If Birk doesn't sign a long-term contract, he could agree to the one-year tender and be an unrestricted free agent next year along with star receiver Randy Moss. It's believed the Vikings want to avoid that. Linta said the deal he is proposing would require a salary-cap number of about $1.3 million with the rest coming in bonuses. ``They will have ($67.4 million) in total cap room. I'd think Matt is worth a million of it,'' Linta said. ``In Matt, they're buying character, durability and age.'' Birk said he's confident a long-term deal can be agreed upon. ``I'm confident in the process,'' Birk said. ``I believe something will be worked out.'' Meanwhile, the Vikings are expected to give the first-round tender to restricted free agent Kailee Wong. They also are in preliminary talks with the middle linebacker's agent. Briefly: The Vikings hired Steve LaCroix as vice president of sales and marketing. He held a similar post with the NBA's Indiana Pacers the past 10 years. . . . The team is expected to re-sign tight end Matt Cercone soon. H

-- Mark (Karch, February 20, 2001


I'm really glad to see this news report. I've never understood why Denny didn't tap Bouman as the back-up to start with. Brister sucks big time!

-- Deb Cross (, February 20, 2001.

Agreed Deb, Bouman would be a better backup to Culpepper than Bubba! Let's hope the kid shapes up though he kind of let himself go and didn't look at all that sharpe in the pre season but I know Todd can whip himself into shape before the season starts.

-- Ralph (, February 21, 2001.

Ralph, I knew you were checking out Bouman down in San Diego, but I didn't think it was to that type of extent. Shame on you!

-- Iz (, February 22, 2001.

Hey! IZ I wasn't the one running around half nude asking all the guys "Buy me a beer big guy" Ralph

-- Ralph (, February 25, 2001.

Ralph, Iz was running around half nude because he was trying to impress those cigar girls. He didnt notice that his boobs were bigger that theirs and that scared them away.


-- Kevan Thomas (, February 25, 2001.

Actually they wanted to know if I could do a Clinton reinactment project with them after the game, but that was just about the time that you jumped in and revealed your manzier and of course that just ruined the mood.

-- Iz (, February 26, 2001.

What the hell is a manzier? Whatever it is, I want to know more about it.

-- Deb Cross (, February 26, 2001.

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