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Rumors Unfounded

By: Viking Update Staff

Date: 2/19/2001

The latest Vikings rumor has it that behind the scenes talks are underway to bring the Vikings to Los Angeles -- a rumor that is laughable at best and ridiculous at a minimum. Why? Read on and find out.

Maybe it's the aftermath of VU's Bob Lurtsema being called "Scoop" that the rest of the Vikings press has gotten silly in unfounded, let's-catch-up type rumors. It has taken another stupid turn.

One of the same Twin Cities media outlets that called VU's story on the pending retirement of Robert Smith "unfounded" has jumped on the let's scoop somebody bandwagon by saying the Vikings are quietly talking to Los Angeles about moving the Vikings to L.A. -- as early as next year. Granted, these are the same pillars of information that said the Vikings were talking trade with Denver to ship off Randy Moss -- to a team that had TWO 100-reception receivers in 2000.

The bottom line on the Vikes to L.A. rumor is that the NFL signed a deal with the Minnesota Legislature saying that, if the Vikings left Minnesota for any reason before the Metrodome lease expires in 2011, the league would guarantee Minnesota a franchise within two years. Perhaps the turnover at the Twin Cities newspapers is such that they have either forgotten or not been informed of the lease/build agreement the state had with the NFL but there is no validity to the rumors that the Vikings are going to Los Angeles...not any time soon anyway.

If the Vikings were to break their lease and go to L.A., the NFL would be slapped with such an enormous lawsuit that the league owners would reject the move before it could possibly happen. The NFL likes that L.A. is an untapped area and can be used as a bargaining chip for franchises like the Cardinals and Saints.

When Red McCombs signed on as Vikings owner, he was made fully aware of the complications of ever moving the Vikings. He's a businessman and knows the wrath that would ensue if he tries to move the team now. A few years from now, that may be a motive, but season ticket holders shouldn't fear the reaper. It's the competition trying to keep up...and falling short in a big way. Randy's staying and so are

-- Mark (Karch, February 20, 2001

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