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I picked up a beseler analite meter a while back and the other day decided to try using it. I have no instructions and was wondering if the prefered procedure is to turn the dial clock-wise until the red light comes on or counterclock-wise until the light goes off. I put in a fresh 9 volt. I'm using a diffuser that touches the lens and taking a single reading to establish the initial printing time. So far, I've stopped doing test strips and just follow the meter. Suprising consistent results so far. Any body willing to Fax or mail me a copy of the instructions?

-- Gene Crumpler (, February 20, 2001


Gene, I've got one of those stashed away somewhere in my darkroom. I think I still have the instruction book, I assume you've got one of the newer ones if it runs on a battery, they used to have an AC model as well. If I remember right, you can either use the diffuser or use it like you would an Ilford EM 10, and read the shadow detail. You can also average the neg, read both highlight and shadow densities, and using a scale it will tell you what "it" thinks the best contrast filter is. The Ilford one works great too. I'll see if I can dig mine out, it's been years since I've used it.

-- DK Thompson (, February 20, 2001.

Oh, I believe you want to turn the dial until the light comes on. Don't you also have to dial in the speed of the paper you're using?

-- DK Thompson (, February 20, 2001.

Gene, you're in luck! I found it stored away in it's original box, with the manual. I can post a description of how to use it here, if anyone else is interested, or I could just copy the booklet and mail it you. You can use it like your doing now, with the diffusion disk, or you can meter the highlights and use the dial to get an exposure time. You can also use a fixed time, and null the meter by changing the aperture (like you would on an Ilford EM 10). Lastly, you can average the highlight and shadow densities, to get what the meter "sees" as the correct contrast. You can use it for color, or b&w, and also use it as a footcandle meter (with a little overlay for the dial). You want to do all this metering with your safelights turned off, and your paper speed dialed in. That was the short explanation for anyone who's interested. For the instructions, let me know what you want to do.

-- DK Thompson (, February 21, 2001.

Thanks to Kent for sending a Fax of the instructions. This is a great site to get and give info on B&W photography.

Gene Crumpler

-- Gene Crumpler (, February 26, 2001.

I've revived this thread because I had an E-mail from a fellow a few weeks ago, asking if I could send him a copy of the instructions that Mr. Thompson in Raleigh was kind enough to send me. I deleted the e-mail and I now have a copy ready to go and no address! Please e-mail

-- Gene Crumpler, NC, USA (, May 31, 2001.

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