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I am writing a java program that will calculate positions of solarplanets and display them graphically from the observers position. To do this I am using a book by Peter Duffett-Smith. In his book he has listed constants (A,B,C,D). Constant B is dependent on the year and is given up to year 2000. Can you possibly give a list of B constant for the next 5 years starting from 2001. I have managed to calculate position of the sun (Using horizon coordinates), but it has about 1.5 degrees error. I have used an estimate for B.

Thanks Balla

-- Thiam Balla Malamine (, February 20, 2001



I personally use a simpler system for the siderial time based on the number of days from J2000.0 This method needs 'double precision' on your calculating device - I guess you are working with a computer based system and not a programmable calculator?


for the gory details. Duffett-Smith uses a similar method in the third edition of his excellent book.

-- Keith Burnett (, February 24, 2001.

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