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Greetings; take it as read that I love the show; my 6 year old son is now a hopeless addict as well. Thanks. He came up with a suggestion, having seen various build-something-that-goes episodes: how about a mobile car-wrecker/crusher? Hey, he's six years old. Of course, I'm much more mature at 41, so my suggestion (probably falls under the "why not build a crane type thingy" category is: how about something in an elevator or escalator that has to lift all the team members over a reasonable sized barrier, say 3-4 meters? That's it, that's all; if you're looking for a Presbyterian minister who loves technology and builing things, I'm your man (of the cloth...)


-- John A. Giurin (, February 20, 2001


Hey you know the guy who invented the Stirling engine was a presbyterian minister (bout 150 years ago I think). And his name was...

Stirling. (or Rev Stirling to be more precise).

p.s. all thoses ideas have already been used in shows - probably in ones you havn't seen yet but remember there are 3 seasons worth plus the USA ones.

-- Uncle Orange (, February 20, 2001.

I think that they should build submarines.

-- (, February 26, 2001.

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