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This from TSN, thought most of you would like to read what many of us are feeling or should I say, questioning! Why on earth would Viking Fans even consider this question? Read on! -Kron

What's on tap Trade Moss? No way February 18, 2001

Archived Sports Bahr Last week, I wrote a column detailing the Vikings' rocky offseason and the numerous questions facing the team. You know, Robert Smith's retirement, the holes on defense, Randy Moss' comments and the rifts they created, etc. Admittedly, I am surprised by the number of people who think Minnesota should trade Moss. Sure, dealing Moss might net some high draft picks and/or talented players, but I think any trade involving him would be a lose-lose situation for Minnesota. Here are three reasons why: 1. Moss is the most dangerous offensive weapon in the game today and is one of the few players who single-handedly can turn a game around. He is explosive, athletic, quick and capable of making circus catches. Moss is a threat to score on every play and demands a double team on most occasions. How could you consider trading a player like that? 2. If the Vikings trade Moss, they won't get anywhere near equal value for him. That simply would be impossible. We are talking about possibly the best offensive player in the game today. I just don't think any combination of draft picks and players could be considered a fair trade. 3. Daunte Culpepper will regress. Everyone was impressed by Culpepper's amazing progress this season, and he certainly deserves plenty of credit. However, let's not forget that he had Smith, Cris Carter and Moss to work with. Would Culpepper thrive in an offense without Smith and Moss? Doubtful. These are just a few reasons to keep Moss around. I would be shocked if the Vikings considered trading him, but I am stunned that so many fans (many of whom are Vikings fans) think this is an idea worthy of consideration. Moss has some fences to mend, but I still think frustration played a big part in his comments after the NFC title game. What do you think? Is trading Moss a good idea? Or is it ludicrous? Why? Send your thoughts to, and look for them in my next column.

-- Chris Morales (, February 19, 2001


I posted this yesterday on an earlier string, but thought I would post it here as well...(I should be writing about the Vikes for TSN!!!!) I made a post similar to this on AOL recently and still feel this way. Trading Moss would go down in NFL history as a Babe Ruth being sold to the Yankees type story. Randy Moss, when it is all over, will be the greatest recieiver to ever play in the NFL. He has 240 catches in three years, 43(?) TD's and is the fastest ever to 3000 yards. Take his pure physical ability and lay another 10 years of smarts and experience on top of that and the numbers could be deafening. We will always worship CC, but Moss numbers when it is all over will be scary, and we'll be able to say that the we had the priviledge of watching two of the three greatest receivers of all time! Dump him and you better pick up MOUNTAINS of players and picks that you KNOW will set you up forever. Frankly Denny has been lucky with Randy and DC and stupid with many other first rounders. As it stands now, with DC and 84, we have a chance to be talking about these two with the same reverence as "Montana to Rice". Lose him now and CC next year and we'll do what with Matthew Hatchette as the go- to guy?

-- manders (, February 20, 2001.

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